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Why Not Artificial Grass?

These days there are great options in the different types of artificial grass from that comfort cushion like a carpet pile when walking through the grass and for the golfing enthusiast that like the good firm short pile with the putting hole. Ready to go all weather children’s play ground. No mud ruined clothes. Also ideal for pets. 

Tired of brown grass in the winter and weekends wasted with a lawnmower? Today we can offer artificial grass that looks just as good as the real thing but without the endless hours spent maintaining it. We offer the best quality artificial grass in the country and you can transform your garden into a lush green space to enjoy. Safe for kids, pets and most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

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Want an outdoor space that’s really easy to maintain & looks perfect all year round?

Our Grass was developed for its aesthetic value as grass for lawns. It is produced with the greatest of care. Height and density of the grass are carefully matched. The result is a lawn nature would be jealous of. It is a splendid ground cover that would adorn any location, whether in the shade or in sunny situations.

The choice between an artificial lawn versus a natural lawn is not easy. Initially you may feel that an artificial lawn is not suitable for you, we have heard that before. Please note that there are many different types of artificial grass. The right choice depends on your needs. As you can read on this page, an artificial lawn has more benefits and advantages then disadvantages. First you need to be convinced that our grass looks real and feels soft. Not “fake grass” at all!



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