Garden Water Features – Garden Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls and Fish Ponds. Water adds a new dimension to any garden and can enhance the feel of your outdoor living space.

Garden Fountains

Centrepiece fountains and water features add interest to a garden or landscape, whether traditional, classical or contemporary. Centrepiece fountains and water features were not always the beautiful, ornate stone water features we expect of today’s pools, ponds and water gardens. Today, pool surrounds can be used with centrepiece fountains to create an attractive water feature in a contemporary garden or traditional landscape.

Garden Fountain

Centrepiece fountains and pool surrounds make beautiful water features in a courtyard. Fountain surrounds can be used with cast stone wall fountains. Self-circulating fountains and freestanding water features in traditional classical and contemporary designs and styles can be used to enhance a courtyard, garden room or conservatory. We are spoilt with choice these days with self-circulating fountains and freestanding water features.

Garden Pond

If there’s one feature in the garden guaranteed to attract wildlife with astonishing speed, it’s a pond. It’s a hugely helpful thing to do.

Fish Pond

The reason ponds develop so fast is that many of their animals (and even plants) are highly mobile. Within a short time your garden will attract birds, amphibians, insects, mammals and a host of mini-beasts you might never otherwise see. Even if you haven’t got room for a pond, or have young children, a small water feature (even a bird bath) makes a huge difference to the number and types of animals that will visit your garden.

The sound of water flowing is so relaxing and calming and great for stress too!

A garden pond can be left to its own devices as a miniature nature reserve, but will be a much more attractive feature if it is stocked with aquatic plants and ornamental fish. Get the natural balance right and the pond will be virtually self-sustaining, needing only occasional attention to keep it is good condition.
If you are stocking a new pond from scratch, get the plants established before introducing the fish.

This is your Coldwater fish selection

Easiest of the pond fish to keep, being a member of the carp family they can vary in colour from a red to very light gold. They will breed easily producing black young that may turn gold later in the right conditions. Goldfish can grow to 30cm but in normal British conditions they will probably reach 20cm (8in).

These most spectacular fish can reach 60cm to 90cm (2-3ft) in size and come in an array of colours and patterns. Unfortunately really only suitable for larger purpose-built ponds with a depth of at least 0.9m (3ft).

Sarasa Comets
From the same family as goldfish, but have bright red patches on a white background.

Very useful bottom feeders, clearing up any uneaten food etc. Once introduced into a pond it’s likely you will not see them often as they stay at the bottom and their olive or green/brown colour tends to blend them into the background. A golden variety is often available.

Golden Orfe
Orfe can grow up to 40cm (18in) and prefer to be kept in shoals. They are useful surface feeders, keeping the insect population in check. Blue Orfe are sometimes available. Should not be kept in smaller ponds or where there is no pump, as they require plenty of oxygen.

All fish suppliers are familiar with this selection of cold-water fish.

Enjoy your water garden!